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Ali Pips-Vicious Ballet
Ali Pips-Vicious Ballet
Ali Pips-Vicious Ballet

Ali Pips-Vicious Ballet | Beyond the confines

Ali Pips has never shied away from producing something absolutely killer. In almost a methodical state, she releases unique songs that aim to redefine the constraints of what her genre is and might be. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reviewing her tracks, Mad Queen and Yours Truly, Ms. Darkside. There’s always time for her catalogue to be playing. This is her new single, Vicious Ballet.

Before we begin, in case you didn’t know-Ali Pips is a wizard on the keys. Or should I say witch, adhering to her image. For this track, we have this jazz-funk version of an alt-rock song. Yes, that is what I would define this track as, after listening to each of the elements and picking it apart like a preschooler to their lunch. The ivories predominantly rule, but I wouldn’t expect that to be the bottom line of the song. Lucky for you & me, it isn’t.

From experimental beats and alternate time signatures in micropackages, Ali Pips makes sure a listener is getting more than they expect in her tracks. Somewhere in the middle of this gem of a track, lies one of the best breakdowns I’ve heard all year. Consequently, almost on cue, comes a piano riff I wish I had written, because it rocks out more than the guitar following it. If all this information isn’t enough for you to have this song as a permanent on your playlist, I judge you.

Listen to Ali Pips and make sure to explore her catalogue:

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