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Clifford – Close to Me | Dance Till You Drop

Clifford is a singer-songwriter from the United States who is a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom. He takes pride in the fact that he has never truly fit into any one region or genre. He has his views and isn’t afraid to share them with you. The multilingual artist grew raised in a small Maryland farming hamlet and speaks English, French, and Arabic. His music is influenced by his travels across the world and offers beautiful portraits of life that no one can match. Clifford writes, performs, and produces all of his music and lyrics, which are often regarded as “genre-bending.”

When Clifford’s newest single, ‘Close To Me,’ starts playing, you know exactly what to do: Dance! This funk-fueled house pop song conjures up the excitement of a wild night out, pumping your blood and transporting you to a nightclub where the only thing that matters is being close to your friends. The hard-hitting sounds and synth music will make anyone who hears it feel compelled to dance until they can no longer feel their legs, as the lyrics indicate. The song is catchy and contagious, with a chorus that will stay in your brain for days! The song ‘Close To Me’ is the ideal summer groove. The synths in this track bring the music together by giving it a character that explodes at the climax. Clifford’s magnetism is conveyed solely through his vocals.

We had the opportunity to interview Clifford. Read on to know more.

1. What was the ‘Close to Me’ songwriting approach like?

My creative process is full of multiple sprints. When I have ideas I work on them for short periods of time. The last stages of mixing/mastering are more like marathons (or so they feel when I’m going through them haha). What made “Close to Me” unique was unfortunately the pandemic. Although I tested negative, I was definitely fighting something during this song. The amount of times I had to re-sing was painful! I’d finish laying down some lines, walk away and the next day cringe when I listened. 

2. “Close to Me” is entirely different from your other hits “Love is Real” and “I’m so Bored.” In your own unique and original way, describe your creative process behind this composition?

I genre bend and each of my songs have a story to tell. I choose the genres most suited to tell that story. Unlike the other two songs you mentioned, “Close to Me” is an electro-pop song.  I used a fusion of pop and house music. The production experiments with dance beats, a light bass and deep kicks. It’s supposed to be a whimsical, sweet song…a person making the best out of turmoil. With that in mind I chose the idea of dancing in a club and disappearing…house music just seemed right.

3. I read that you speak multilingually. Are we ever going to get to hear your music in Arabic or French?

I actually have a song called “Same Fears” that I wrote early in my production learning process.   The lyrics include English, French and Arabic to convey we’re all much the same, with similar fears and the need for peace. I look forward to remastering it one day…hopefully sooner than later.

4. Any plans of releasing a solo album in the near future? We’d love to learn more about it.

I release music quite often, all singles and thus far all solos. I have several songs I go back and forth to wondering which one will strike me as my next song. I’m also beginning to collaborate with another artist, who at this time, shall remain anonymous. 

5. What kinds of projects will you be working on in the future? Are there any new genre areas you’re looking to explore?

Right now the songs I’m working on include R&B and some indie grunge stuff, not necessarily together, but maybe. Haha!

Enjoy listening to Close to me here.

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