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Fia Nyxx - Red Umbrella
Fia Nyxx - Red Umbrella

Fia Nyxx – Red Umbrella | Novel Genre Blend

From Alabama, USA, Fia Nyxx is an artist with a wide variety of genres to influence her. Staying true to her hometown genres of Jazz and Blues she fuses the tones with Pop tunes and creates a unique sound. She describes herself as dripping in old Hollywood glam and garnished with a rockstar twist which is pretty apt. Her latest album does just that. Entitled Red Umbrella and with a run time of just over 34 minutes, features 8 tracks of pure brilliance.

Beginning the album is Still Love You. A track with so much emotion and passion that the melodies simply elucidate on them. Moreover, the percussive piano with these beautiful chords adds this sharp sound that leads the song in. The synth work is quite enjoyable with simple chord progressions. Additionally, Fia Nyxx has an angelic voice that moves through you as her words move you. Similarly, with Gemini, we have a track that uses provocative Pop and Electronic tones to create a dark and grim timbre. The electronic elements are amazing. Moreover, I love how they are incorporated to create this percussive feature that moves from left to right for some time. I love how panned elements make a song seem more dynamic. Taylor Xo does a brilliant job with his verse on the track too.

However, tracks like Don’t Shame Me have a much more Jazzy vibe to them. The Drum & Bass influence on the Jazz and Blues chords is absolutely sublime. The trap beats are interesting and add some intriguing tones to the atmosphere. I don’t feel confused at all which is a very good thing considering the two genres have vast differences.

AEIOU is her most streamed track at the moment this article was written. It is hard to see why not because it’s got everything that would attract someone towards her music. From provocative beats and tones to a seductive voice that complements the instrumental so well, Fia Nyxx has absolutely killed it on this track. The verse is so slow, but has so many elements that fill in the spaces so well. Moreover, it’s so easy to get lost in the music. The titular track, Red Umbrella is a much more emotional track that features synth strings, a piano and Fia Nyxx’s angelic voice. The beat kicks in and somehow acccentuates the melancholic nature in the track. It’s not often you find an artist that walks this line so well.

My One Forever is another emotional track that speaks from the heart. Featuring the vocal work from Jegasie, the song is one for all the lovers out there. It’s hard to find love that loves as much and as qualitatively as one does and this song does so well to capture that feeling. The harmonies on this track are absolutely sublime with so much emotion behind each word. The final track on the album, Dangerous Dance, is a cinematic experience. With so much to unpack, it features Timo Nuñez and Dvina. These two artists add so much more to complement Fia Nyxx and her sound.

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