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TEYETAN - Close My Eyes
TEYETAN - Close My Eyes

TEYETAN – Close My Eyes | Catharsis

TEYETAN is a singer and producer based in Louisville, USA. He finds solace in music and even used it to get out of a pretty rough spot in his life. He creates electronic music with a warm and liquidy texture. With the ability to comfort with the warm, deep textures that keep his music coursing through you. TEYETAN has the perfect vibe to keep you focused, lift your spirits and even comfort you.

His latest track Close My Eyes is an absolute vibe. The beat is deep, progressive and cathartic. There’s just something about his music that speaks to your soul. Moreover, it’s therapeutic with such warmth and comfort to offer his listeners. There’s something blatantly calming but also melancholic about his music. While it seems rather sad, the sounds in the instrumental and beat are soothing. Additionally, TEYETAN has the most beautiful baritone voice to go with this magnificent beat. The piano makes things seem bleaker than they are, however, his voice quickly protects you from it. Moreover, the breakdown in the middle absolutely blows my mind with the bass roll.

TEYETAN has more tracks to find on most streaming platforms with brilliant album art to go with them. He can get you to feel your emotions while also creating something people can dance to or even work to. There’s something about EDM that makes it so versatile.

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