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Elison – Little Lies | Gloomy Yet Engrossing

Elison has carved their reputation within the industry with music that is both indie and pop. The duo made their first appearance with “Meet Me Halfway,” which was well-received by music critics. Elison was founded when Marrissa Kephart, who had wanted to make music for 20 years, finally went out to do so with Scott Yoshimura. The second album, “Hopes and Horoscopes,” drew even more praise from fans and critics alike, propelling them into the limelight.

‘Little Lies,’ a song with echoes, lags, ghostly sounds, and more, was released lately by the Iowa duo. This music has such soundscape with depth that it feels like you’re seeing a movie. The song is about a terrible romance. The voice rises in the chorus, and it has the ability to fascinate and captivate your mind. The calming vocals of the lead singer lend richness to the entire experience, making ‘Little Lies’ one of the best pop songs in recent years. Little lies frequently mask great realities in relationships, as the song’s title suggests. Elison’s music is so all-encompassing that you’ll feel utterly absorbed by it. The track is so life-affirming and pure that it’s impossible not to immerse yourself in it. This new release is an unmissable track for both old and new fans, proving that the pair is a force to be reckoned with.

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