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Umay is a Turkish-English singer-songwriter who writes the most classically-inspired music. She writes songs about love, friendship, adventure and imagination. Inspired by fascinating storytelling, Umay takes her listeners through immersive stories in each of her tracks. With 2 albums and 9 singles released, she has an extensive discography with much music to share.

Her latest track, Remember Me, is another fascinating vivid adventure. The piano and strings create this brilliant backdrop for the story to unfold. Umay’s voice does a brilliant job in navigating this musical backing. It’s almost musical theatrical with everything that goes on. Moreover, her voice follows the piano melody with so much fluidity that you can hardly tell the difference at certain points. Additionally, the light elements that chime in every now and then are perfect for the track. Umay has done a brilliant job in composing this beautiful experience. I say experience because it is an experience. I don’t know many musicians that are able to tell a story as intricately laid out as Umay has in Remember Me. While the track moves on in a steady manner, you hardly realise the patterns laid out before you.

Finally, when it strikes you, you realise that the melody is rather similar throughout the track, but has such dynamics in it. There is plenty of music to explore with Umay’s long discography. I suggest listening to the two albums This Is What Poets Write About and Those Were The Days for the perfect storytelling experience. You can stream her music on most streaming platforms.

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