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Michelle Limanjae - Pluviophile Song
Michelle Limanjae - Pluviophile Song

Michelle Limanjae – Pluviophile Song | Melodically Intuitive

Michelle Limanjae (or Limanjaya) is an Indonesian musician and songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. An artist who loves fiddling around with melodies, Michelle enjoys exploring various instruments and harmonising. She has also stated that she loves exploring the guitar in order to create sounds that make her happy. She also hopes to make her listeners happy or upset if that’s what they want. Michelle just aims to make her audience feel something.

Pluviophile Song is her second single and sounds absolutely brilliant. Keeping in touch with the Indie Synth Pop scene in Australia, Michelle explores the most interesting melodies. Her track is ethereal, poppy, but also features some distortion which is almost Rock-like. Michelle Limanjae has an immaculate sense of melodies and sounds creating brilliant soundscapes. Her harmonies are extremely intuitive, creating the most out of the moments her voice pops into. The music is to die for with so much going on with the drums and guitars. The drums are hard, but not heavy, loud, but not overpowered and the guitars are perfect. I don’t think I can describe them any better than that!

If you’re looking for new music, that sounds great in every aspect, Michelle Limanjae is for you. Although she only has two tracks out now, I’d keep an eye out for what is to come! There is so much talent and potential here and anybody who enjoys music in any capacity can thoroughly enjoy themselves listening to Michelle.

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