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Lxve – Ringleader | Emo Rap

Rap artist Lxve came out with his first track of the year recently, “Ringleader”.  Following the release of his debut single “They Don’t Really Love You” in 2021, the Lansing, Michigan-based artist’s latest release showcases a fresh sound that defines his style excellently. “Ringleader” features a laid-back groove, mellow guitars and a lot of emotion; the perfect addition to an emo-rap playlist.

Beginning with a dramatic guitar progression and a few keys, the track immediately takes on a somewhat dark feel. Lxve’s raps his verse once the beat comes in and his confident vocal tone sets the mood for the rest of the song. “I’m crawling in my skin / I hate that I need someone / When my heart stops beating / I hope that you’ll still hear me”. – The lyrics describe Lxve’s feelings of being dejected and lost, and there’s certain aggression in his voice that further emphasizes his performance. It almost sounds as if he’s going on about his problems for about three minutes, but there is an artistic quality to how he does it.

As the track progresses, Lxve’s addictive hook-like sticks will surely stick to your head, and might just remind you of artists like XXXTENTACION and Yung Beethoven. He has a knack for writing catchy melodies, making “Ringleader” one of those tracks that stand out from the crowd. With just two songs, Lxve’s discography seems to be shaping up really well, and I’m sure his new fans are eager to hear more hard-hitting emo-rap from him soon!

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