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Groan Room-Tesco Roof
Groan Room-Tesco Roof
Groan Room-Tesco Roof

Groan Room-Tesco Roof | Jesus of Acerbia

It isn’t easy to be part acerbic, part witty and part dedicated to making music. You’ll invariably end up copying Bo Burnham. However, the more musically adept group Groan Room have other ideas in their mind. With their first EP coming from the famed Abbey Road Studios, they are back to start the year off with a clever single. This is Tesco Roof.

Better believe that the capitalist world we live in gets a shout out every once in a while. From The Who’s The Who Sell Out, musicians have constantly mocked the label hungry nature of the elite. Saran wrapped with consumer labels, we feel alone at times. Groan Room do us all a favor and remind us that a supermarket roof might be an answer.

Using a simple chord progression and clean guitar, the soft vocals echo with a tinge of dismay. The sardonic lyrics fall with the intent they had, with certain references being beyond my library. However, the acoustics for the songs are too absorptive to the conscience to care. The slight flange creates a dreamy aura that we can glide on. By the time the fuzz kicks in, you’re definitely in the middle of the store. No compromise is made in the music meanwhile, still building intensity till it closes out with just the drums and the Tesco voiceover.

From a three track EP to all their clever singles like ‘All and Oates to Greasy Thumbs, Groan Room strive for something more from their music. It does the trick as well, making for some of the most interesting songs I’ve heard. We can’t wait for their next album.

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