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ELIOT – Neon Bluebird | High Spirited

ELIOT, a music producer and performer, just released a new song called “Neon Bluebird“, which also features Silverhook. The tight rock solid beat, which is incredibly lively and thrilling, is the first element that truly establishes the momentum for the song. The track has a lot of energy, which greatly enhances our enthusiasm. The beginning riff definitely gets the listener’s attention. Furthermore, the writing follows a path that gradually unveils the thoughts. After the music has piqued our interest, the writing, which is wonderful, is the next thing that has grabbed our enthusiasm. As the music grows, so does the energy. The vocal delivery also retains a strong level of excitement, which is quite remarkable. The delivery has the right amount of gripping power.

The synthetic textures also leave a lasting imprint on the setting. With such strong bass and arpeggiated tones, the sonic space becomes incredibly fascinating. The music is inherently energetic, and it will undoubtedly capture the attention of listeners that come across this one. I really liked how the guitar brilliantly matched the entire arrangement with melodic fills or perhaps a muted rhythmic stroke, which added a lot of movement to the mix. I’d also want to compliment the song’s mixing engineer, who did an extremely good job of striking the perfect balance between such a massively heavy multi-layered production. Throughout, the sound still seems to be crystal clear and totally fantastic. I am confident that the vibe will persuade people to listen to the track.

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