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Smoke Spider-Linger in My Memory
Smoke Spider-Linger in My Memory
Smoke Spider-Linger in My Memory

Smoke Spider-Linger in My Memory | Clever concoction

Smoke Spider has a sound I can’t quite place. They should be proud of that, because my hobby is listening to music. Sure does explain what I am doing right now. However, I can place what it is a mixture of and has taken departure from. Their rock is the marrow of all the bones that the best of rock has produced. With a barrage of singles in 2021, Smoke Spider are ready to chase 2022 the same way. This is Linger in My Memory.

Linger in My Memory refuses to take any steps back after the strafing bullets of the singles last year. From their popular single Love to See You Miserable to the harmonic riff cacophony of You’re Wearing Me Out-Smoke Spider are constantly stretching themselves out like elastic. Their songs carry not only passion, but a drive that produces the most unpredictable rock songs that are part of your DNA before the song hits the minute mark.

This track in particular is mysterious to say at the least. With solid churnings of Iron Butterfly mixed with new wave, Smoke Spider have concocted a special cocktail with this track. Not only does this lead to a catchy riff, but it also breaks out from the monotony of a leading harmony and has this psychedelic backbone which pokes its head out at times. This is a single that is a new flavour we haven’t tasted, and all that means is that there’s more.

Listen to their great single kicking off 2022 here:

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