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Wotts – Domino | A Lesson in Perseverance

An Ottawa-based duo, Wotts is the creation of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem (Jay) and guitarist Ricky 100. They blend hip-hop and psychedelic indie-pop in their tracks, but they’re not afraid to experiment and break genre lines, especially when it comes to sound. The band concentrated on integrating rich sounds from major influences such as Tyler, The Creator, Tame Impala, and Gorillaz after exploring with beatboxing tracks.

Wotts, one of our favourite up-and-coming musicians, recently released ‘Domino,’ a very promising new track. Vibrant synths, gleaming bells, and engrossing percussion open their latest album, which smoothly expands into even greater peaks with deep guitar riffs and extensive vocal work.‘Domino’ is a track that urges us to not allow our moments of weakness and self-doubt to overwhelm us.

Have you ever felt like you were pushed down and then struggled to get back up from the ground? That’s what the song is about. The song portrays the story of a person who is having a hard time in life and has to get back up because things are not going according to plan. With innovative production rhythms coupled with high-intensity vibes, the song encourages listeners to stand up and use their strength to keep going even when they feel like giving up. Despite what may appear to be bleak days ahead, the song encourages us to keep walking since there is always hope if we simply keep moving! Apart from the captivating instrumental pieces, In ‘Domino,‘ the band mixes the intellectual with the nostalgic, combining lyrics that are both smart and affecting. The nostalgic overtones will linger, leaving you mesmerized by the elegant synth lines and a guitar solo that hypnotizes and transport you to another dimension.

Enjoy listening to Domino here.

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