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Dave Mohan - Caoineadh for Ukraine
Dave Mohan - Caoineadh for Ukraine

Dave Mohan – Caoineadh for Ukraine | Solidarity

Dave Mohan is a musician who has always been driven by a wider social conscience. Based in the United Kingdom, Mohan focuses on themes that tear at the heart of the human condition. He has written songs on love, loneliness, poverty, social exclusion and now, war. With the current condition in Ukraine, Dave Mohan has created Caoineadh for Ukraine.

Caoineadh is the Gaelic word for crying or lament which could not be apter than right now. Released with a heart-touching music video, the piece, arranged for piano and cello, is deep, emotional and intense. Dave Mohan has stated that where words fail, let music be a prayer — an offering of solace and solidarity. Caoineadh for Ukraine features grim, dark emotional overtones with something hopeful peeping through. You can watch the music video down below.

Just by listening to Caoineadh for Ukraine, I’m filled with so many emotions. Mainly anxiety and sadness for the people of Ukraine who have to go through this for no fault of their own. However, with the world going the way that it is, we can only hope and stand in solidarity for the people. Moreover, we can raise funds or offer whatever we can to the people of Ukraine in these trying times. While the world endures this crisis, Dave Mohan has done something as an offering to the people of Ukraine.

Be sure to stream Caoineadh for Ukraine and support them in any way you can today.

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