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Carbon Mass – 5 Year Plan | Evolving Energies

Carbon Mass, a Vancouver-based electronic group, just released a new song called “5 Year Plan“.  For me, the piece’s most amazing feature is the mood it creates with such gripping ear-pleasing tones. The textures immediately set the tone for the song, which is truly amazing. The writing also beautifully shows the struggle within itself and its quest to be free of all chains. The environment established by these elements helps to transmit the proper emotions in a wonderful manner. The lyrics are also kept simple to allow the music to fully absorb our nerves and immerse us in the feeling. The vocal delivery really adds to the atmosphere. The vocal delivery will let the listeners connect with the track right immediately.

As previously said, the production leaves a lasting impression and is crucial to the track’s effectiveness. I really liked how the song progressed. The components really go into our heads as the tune progresses. The guitar tones are silky smooth and perfectly suit the moods. The ambience generated by the synthetic plucks in the interlude is just wonderful, and I enjoyed it. The fundamental groove is rock strong and keeps the beat going throughout. The framework is thrilling, and there is a trip that truly liberates us from our restraints. As the song proceeds, the intensity swings substantially, which I’m sure will pique the interest of many listeners across genres. Listeners would be drawn in by the ambiance.

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