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Thomas LaVine - Staring At The Sky
Thomas LaVine - Staring At The Sky

Thomas LaVine – Staring At The Sky | Heavenly Divine

Thomas LaVine is an Indie and Folk singer-songwriter who operates out of a tool shed fashioned into a home studio. Born in Florida, but raised in South Carolina, he blends the organic textures of his indie-folk roots with ethereal nuances. Additionally, using minimalism to create larger structures, LaVine has a firm grip on the concept, even incorporating it into other aspects of his life. With an extensive discography, Thomas LaVine has much to share with the world with his music.

His latest single, Staring At The Sky, is a dreamy, ethereal track with the lightest textures. With an impressionist and minimalist touch, the track reminds me of other indie artists like Bon Iver and The National. Additionally, Thomas LaVine has the kind of voice that soothes the soul. His guitar follows a simple rhythm with a basic chordal pattern. Meanwhile, the piano acts as both a percussive and melodic element, lightly adding streaks into the atmosphere. The melody lines are absolutely to die for. The drums are so perfect with a balanced reverb on them to give them this whole feeling while not overpowering the mix.

The line I don’t know why / I feel like I’m in heaven really sticks with you for two reasons. The main being that it’s a refrain and also the last line of the song. However, the second is simply because Staring At The Sky truly feels divine, heavenly even.

Thomas LaVine has the same effect as Justin Vernon, St Vincent and James Blake. Moreover, all of these artists are just able to speak from their soul to your soul in a most magnificent manner. LaVine is able to do this and achieve the effect tenfold over.

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