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Little Miss Higgins – Flock In My Head | Lasting Impression

Little Miss Higgins, a singer-songwriter, has lately released an intriguing song called ‘Flock In My Head‘.  The composition is so powerful on its own that even with very few production components, the melody sounds complete and emotional. As we listen to the music, the intensity of the performance has a major influence. The complexity coursing down her internal nerves are brought to life by the songwriting. However, the vocal performance skilfully conveys the emotions, which keeps us fascinated on the song till the very end. As a result, the effect of words is felt more strongly with the appropriate focus in the performance. The whole song is highly fascinating and strongly portrays her understanding of her craft, which is remarkable.

Her music has a strong trace of her personality. The voice has a distinct personality that helps to establish her sound. I’m mesmerised by the vocal arrangements that are looping yet never seem monotonous. Rather, it looks that the enthusiasm is growing along with it. The clever use of percussions has a significant influence on the listening experience. The aspects do keep the audience’s attention and enthusiasm going throughout. However, it is the vocal texture and her delivery style that truly binds everything together. The performances are filled with intricate details that will captivate a wide range of listeners. I am confident that when new listeners discover her music, the performance will leave a lasting impact and draw them back to the piece.

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