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Jordan Lucas – Great Design | Riveting

Jordan Lucas, a Denver-based songwriter, just released a new song titled ‘Great Design‘ which is part of his most recent album, ‘Serious Musician‘. The song keeps a pulse from the beginning, which establishes the tone for the rest of the song. Writing, in particular, puts down such profound ideas, which truly deliver the words of a wounded heart. Another factor that contributes to the tone is how the vocals are delivered. The delivery properly portrays the complicated emotion in the words. The rendition contains melancholy and a sense of fatigue that increases in intensity as the song unfolds. The words are kept simple, yet the phrases leave a lasting effect on our thoughts. The performance strongly suited the writing, which would entice listeners to remain involved with the song.

Another aspect of the song that captivated me was the sound of the record. The usage of the vintage hues sounds so fresh and modern, and it perfectly creates the tone for the song. I adored the synthetic textures, which were well paired with the pad. The groove, on the other hand, ensures that the pulse remains consistent throughout. The arrangement also featured a couple moments with silences that had a significant impact. As the song progresses, it gains momentum as it approaches the conclusion. I appreciated the enthusiasm when the track picked up the pace. The arpeggiated sections make us groove and attract us into the atmosphere. Such pleasant tones would pique the interest of the listener. The mood would undoubtedly entice many new listeners to thoroughly appreciate the song throughout.

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