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Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirers Society - Paper Doll
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirers Society - Paper Doll

Jean Cabbie and The Secret Admirer Society – Paper Doll | Nostalgic

Jean Cabbie and The Secret Admirer Society is an Alternative Rock group based in Puerto Rico. The band is comprised of Jean Cabbie (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Eric Cabrer (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jacob Rodriguez (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Marcos Rivera (Drums). With a large discography and plenty of experience under its belt, the band is certainly electrifying. The quartet has been active since 1997 and keeps getting better.

Paper Doll, one of their most popular tracks sounds exactly like an Alternative track from the ’90s. From the heavy, grungy guitars to the powerful drum grooves, this track is nostalgic. Jean Cabbie has a beautiful voice with a little bit of pitch correction that sounds absolutely sublime. Moreover, the bass and lead guitars are perfect with that almost Van Halen-like sound. Paper Doll is the kind of track that you can headbang to while doing just about anything. Moreover, the whole track is a classic ’90s Alternative with the most electrifying and nostalgic feeling ever. Paper Doll has the grungy textures contrasted with the light synthy textures and has the perfect balance between analogue and digital.

Jean Cabbie and The Secret Admirer Society is the perfect blend of Alternative ’90s and Contemporary 2000s music. Additionally, it has everything from pitch correction to electrifying guitars, grungy riffs and dare I say a Liam Gallagheresque vocal melody. There’s not much you can complain about with this band and this song and that says it all.

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