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Monroe Moon - WAR
Monroe Moon - WAR

Monroe Moon – WAR | Dystopian Electronica

Monroe Moon is an Experimental Indie Pop duo based in the United States. They focus on themes based on Peace, Love & Freedom. By exploring deep, dark and cerebral lyrics accompanied by playful, ethereal guitars, Monroe Moon creates dreamy music. With a rather futuristic sound, the duo has already released 9 singles and 3 EPs. The Monroe Moon sound is quirky, deep, thought-provoking and free.

In their latest single, WAR, we have a futuristic, synthesised, bass-heavy sound. The synths in this track feature a heavy amount of the instrumental. Talking about war and how it is a never-ending struggle with various takes on how unethical it is, Monroe Moon has a weirdly captivating stance. It could be the synths or the fact that the instrumental doesn’t take anything away from the seriousness of the lyrics. Moreover, the lyrics are true, profound even. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but free will kind of does go out the window when it comes to war. The track is almost satirical, but the futuristic, almost alien sounds, accentuate the gravity of the situation. One would think that “wacky noises” would make it more of a joke, but it makes it much more serious.

Monroe Moon has created a brilliant formula for itself that works amazingly. The duo has this dark, cerebral sound that actually makes you think instead of mindlessly listening. With a large discography, you can catch many more such tunes on various streaming platforms.

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