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Sofia Dragt - Temporary Gold
Sofia Dragt - Temporary Gold

Sofia Dragt – Temporary Gold | Vividly Cinematic

Sofia Dragt is a singer and songwriter from the Netherlands. With an affinity towards music and composing from a very tender age, Sofia envisioned herself as a conductor. She is a musician as well as a composer for documentaries, short films and media. Additionally, she has even worked on a Dutch nature documentary series ‘WAD’ (about the islands of The Netherlands) by Ruben Smit. Sofia usually recreates her experiences through her music as a sort of cinematic experience for her listeners.

Her latest track, Temporary Gold is about a bike trip. Its soft tones, mixed in with foley and deep, slow beats really set the scene. Sofia, at the same time, describes it with her lyrics, so vividly. Her voice is a crystal clear guide that paints an image for you as cinematic as the experience. The instrumental to go with her voice is simply sublime. Everything from the light textures to the deep beats and the light percussions envelope you. Just listening to Temporary Gold fills me with such excitement and relaxation at the same time. I can only imagine what sights Sofia would have experienced in the process. Additionally, the dynamics in the track are utilised perfectly with moments of highs and lows, balanced well.

Sofia Dragt has such a soothing presence that can comfort you as well as enrich you. Her ability to write cinematic tracks with a folksy feel to it seems unparalleled. Moreover, I am in complete awe of her compositional skills creating a track with brilliant dynamics, melody, harmony and rhythm.

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