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Morisse Monty - Lightweight | Retro Thump 
Morisse Monty - Lightweight | Retro Thump 

Morisse Monty – Lightweight | Retro Thump 

Morisse Monty is a Belgian band run by Jussi De Nys. Known for creating classic earthy rhythms, Morrise Monty has brought forth a stunning track yet again that deserves your attention. Lightweight, Jussi’s recent single, is gaining a plethora of admiration from his fans for all the good reasons. 

Morisse Monty’s creations are birthed in Jussi’s home studio. He provides a homelike rawness to his tracks by keeping them rough and imperfect. Sudden stops and loops make it seem glitchy, but as soon as you realize that it is intentional, you fall in love with these nuances. 

Lightweight is a track that has an airy rhythm that flows and occupies space around you like a fluid. With conventionally unconventional musicality, Lightweight feels amazing to the ears. The reason I call it that, is because a lot of usual genres have been mixed together to create something that feels atypical and excellent. The way the beats and tunes and layers have been amalgamated together is something to sing praises of. Just by listening to Lightweight, you can tell how great a producer Jussi De Nys is.

Stunning rock elements pop up in a gorgeous way making the thrill palpable. You would be in awe of how well everything has been mixed together and complements everything so well. With such adventurous production, a lot of things may go haphazard, but Lightweight is anything but that. The elements just intertwine perfectly. You would love every texture, every element, every part.

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