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Class Vee - Love Resides
Class Vee - Love Resides

Class Vee – Love Resides | Futuristic Bop

Class Vee is a singer and producer based in Tampa, USA. She uses various influences to craft different sounds. Vee is extremely influenced by 80s Disco and Synth Pop music. Moreover, her futuristic, electronic beats keep her music entertaining and exhilarating. Class Vee creates music with fluidic movement and plenty of energy to keep you dancing. You can find her music on most streaming platforms and on various Spotify playlists.

Her latest single, Love Resides, is an extremely Synth-heavy track that does not let up. With a relatively high tempo, Love Resides features vibrant tones with light and harsh textures. The hits and stabs add percussive elements while the melody itself navigates through the track. Class Vee has a vocal texture that cuts well through this mix. Moreover, she showcases a strong, clear voice that keeps up the tempo and even leads the track. Love Resides features elements from shoegaze and club tracks that seem to fit and work well together. This is the perfect track for just about any evening out with your friends. Perfect for a pre-club mix or perhaps just to sit with your emotions. The lyrics are meaningful tell a different tale than the beat. Moreover, they focus on poor communication in relationships and care for one another.

Class Vee has a brilliant understanding of production work creating music with soul and vibrancy. Moreover, her final mix is perfect. Each element has plenty of room and lots of space to work with the next, complementing each other.

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