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Shab - Music To My Heart
Shab - Music To My Heart

Shab – Music To My Heart | Club Anthem

Shab is a world musician with Persian roots. An Iranian refugee and advocate for Iranian girls and the Iranian-American diaspora, she creates authentic music. Furthermore, she has recently decided to explore more English music with her latest album, Infinite Love. The album features tracks on Romance, love, heartbreak and Shab’s own romantic torment, crafting raw lyrics to her lover and heartfelt reflections on surrendering herself to intimacy.

Her song, Music To My Heart is one such song. The track features melodies that stay true to her Persian roots while also incorporating contemporary trends. The Pop artist uses catchy hooks and melodies with a rather memorable drop phrase. Music To My Heart talks about heartbreak and love but does so with such a brilliant dance vibe that you find yourself grooving along. Shab has created the kind of track that can appeal to various audiences. Additionally, it seems like the perfect club and dancefloor anthem to get people hooked onto Shab. With an energy that courses through your body and guides your movement, Music To My Heart is a brilliant track.

Shab has a lot to offer with her music, creating songs with emotion and electricity. Additionally, you can find more of her music on Spotify and other streaming platforms right now.

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