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Micah Thunder - Mama’s House | Heartfelt 
Micah Thunder - Mama’s House | Heartfelt 

Micah Thunder – Mama’s House | Heartfelt 

Micah Thunder, a New Mexico rock musician, has always believed in creating music that makes you fall in love with the rock genre over and over again. This time, with his latest single Mama’s House, he is stirring the waves of admiration yet again, for all the good reasons. 

Micah Thunder has curated Mama’s House with such tenderness that it easily pierces your heart. The tone, melody, beats, and rich tunes, make this song heartfelt and mesmerizing. But more than anything else, what makes this track so good is Micah Thunder’s passionate vocals. His ingenuity as an artist always shines through, but in this particular track, it’s his vocals that gain the centre stage. With an extremely arduous feel, nuances that feel improvised, and rich artistic additions, Micah Thunder’s voice is quite a treat in itself. 

When it comes to music, it is nothing but exceptional. If you are a true rock junkie, you know how artistic this track is, and only in the good and appealing sense, not the boring, dull, and nerdy way. The tunes that feel are birthed out of days of labour, fulfil the task that they are supposed to fulfil, that is, move you to the core. The use of instruments is so thought-out that nothing feels over the top. With a perfect sense of musicality, Micah Thunder is sure to win your heart with this soulful track. 

Mama’s House makes for a great addition to your rock playlist. Listen to the track right here:

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