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Jade Moede - Ooo La La Rachel's Stuff
Jade Moede - Ooo La La Rachel's Stuff

Jade Moede – Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff | Chipper

Jade Moede is a hilarious, witty musician based in New England. The intriguing artist has a rather familiar sound drawing similarities from Frank Zappa to Weird Al Yankovic. Jade’s sound has been described as net art time capsuled from the early 90s. He uses a lot of heavy, strong tones contrasted with his rather humourous lyrics and light-hearted vocals.

His latest release, Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff reminds me of The Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa. The track features a heavy bassline, accompanied by multiple light and heavy percussions. The percussive elements really carry the track forward, at least temporally. Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff really is more about the textures. However, I would be amiss to leave out the witty lyrics. Jade Moede has quite a way with words, manipulating them with ease. With featured vocals from Carly Carley, Robin Kenny and Meredith Kenny, the track gains a lot of variety in melodies.

I can’t shake some similarities between this track and The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For The Devil. The melody is oddly similar, but it changes up in sections where the bass really takes over. Additionally, Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff is a fun, eccentric track that you could listen to at any given time during the day.

Jade Moede has an extensive discography that you can check out on all major streaming platforms. His witty humour and lyrical genius are absolutely to die for. I highly rate the music and recommend it to anyone who loves that old school rock sound with tons of references.

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