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Jack Tracy – Close
Jack Tracy – Close

Jack Tracy – Close | Heartbreak & Hurt

Close is Jack Tracy’s serenade to the ever-changing nature of relationships. The song further acknowledges the difficulty of wrapping one’s head around how that which was once so close is now farther than ever imagined. Further, the song is a catchy pop number with head-bopping beats and interesting riffs which keep the song exciting.

Jack Tracy is no short of an icon of representation in the indie music scene. His singles are unapologetically expressive, from his hits like Love Yah (2021) and For You (2019). Additionally, both of these were also titled for his LPs, and his EP is expected in the spring of this year. Close is going to feature on the album alongside other numbers, all of which will be honest to Jack Tracy’s identity. Apart from keeping his music high on authenticity, he also stands up for the LGBTQIA+ community every chance he gets.

He has ushered in a new era of sexy music – one that is comfortable and relatable. Consequently, this reflects in the many hats that he dons. For instance, he is the head of LGBTQIA+ productions at Necessary Outlet Productions, and has also starred in the web series ‘History’ and feature film ‘Snowflake. He is also a videographer and consistently updates his ventures on his YouTube channel. 

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