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Icarus Moth - Quicksand
Icarus Moth - Quicksand

Icarus Moth – Quicksand | Relaxing

Icarus Moth is a versatile Electronic artist based in Denver, Colorado. He states that just as a moth is naturally drawn to a flame, Icarus Moth is drawn to sound. He creates music that speaks to his audience in a way that opens their minds. Having worked with multiple projects including Mothica, MEMBA and Ehiorobo, Icarus Moth has a stellar repertoire. Moreover, he is always looking for new sounds to work with in order to grow and adapt his music.

His latest single, Quicksand, is a groovy, mellow piece to help you relax. You can tell that Icarus Moth has been making music for a long time because everything sounds so tight. The bassline is heavy and melodious, keeping the rhythm as well as setting a melody line. The beats are so deep that you can feel them course through your body with every single one. Additionally, the little sprinkles of light percussions add this really nice contrast to the heavy, darker textures. They sound like bits of foley but add that little sparkle to the track. The vocal work on this track is to die for. Featuring Toronto local artist, SABRE’s vocals, Quicksand could not be any better. I really think that this has been the perfect collaboration for this track. Everything about Quicksand is just perfect.

Electronic Pop is in safe hands with Icarus Moth. He has made headway into expanding the genre using much more than the average Electronic artist does. I suppose that is why he has as many streams and followers as he does. You can find more of his music on streaming services.

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