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Ellen Warkentine - Now At Last
Ellen Warkentine - Now At Last

Ellen Warkentine – Now At Last | Soothing

Ellen Warkentine is an Indie, theatrical multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California. She is also a composer and has worked on multiple projects with the award-winning Multi Larks Theatre. Her repertoire also includes the absurd ‘Fauxpera’ entitled Lolpera, which she co-created and composed. Additionally, she has released two EPs, a single and two Albums. Her latest release, Now At Last has a run time of just over 35 minutes and is perfect for a quiet, relaxing cup of coffee.

We start with Do Nothing Till You Think Of Me; a snazzy little piece. Each elements sounds absolutely divine, from the wind instruments to the percussive rhythms of the piano, bass and drums. This is the kind of track you can just close your eyes and feel entirely. The intricacies are simply to die for. Similarly, in Bye Bye Blackbird, you hear these subtle little phrases from the trumpets almost as if they’re responding to the vocals. This track has such a calming tone to it. It’s the perfect composition for lounge music.

Lush Life starts off on the most beautiful piano intro that entrances you. Additionally, it can almost guide your movement if you’d let it. The second Ellen Warkentine chimes in, you already know the track is divine. Her voice is simply the perfect lead for the song. Her piano dances around her voice as you see the story she tells unfold. You find something rather similar in I Have A Thing For You. I love the similarities between these two songs. They are probably my favourite tracks on the album and they’re absolutely sublime. The foley effects that peep in during I Have A Thing For You tug on your heartstrings as you’re put into this trance.

We find variation in tracks like September Song that change the lighter textures for mildly heavier ones. While it maintains the slow rhythm, it features deeper sounding instruments that add this rumble that acts as the perfect contrast to her voice. We see the complete opposite on Midnight, The Stars, and You, a track that has lighter, higher pitched tones. However, it’s another contrast in itself which shows Ellen’s versatility as a multi-instrumentalist. This track showcases how minimal movements can come together to craft a complex, larger image of beauty.

The titular track of the album, Now At Last, has this melancholic sound to it. The piano is, again, the charging force behind this track. Ellen Warkentine has this fluidic, smooth nature to her music. Additionally, you hear the versatility in that as well, with some more slightly jagged, yet soft tones. Similarly, with the final track on the album, On A Clear Day, the wind instruments achieve this effect. The brushed drums are heavenly, but the back and forth between Ellen and the instrumental is simply to die for.

Ellen Warkentine is probably the kind of artist who captivates her entire audience. Her music alone commands your attention, but so gently and perfectly. There is just peace with her music. You can welcome it in any way you like. There is always more music to discover and her discography speaks for itself!

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