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Jonathan – Sing This Song | Discovering Inner Strength

Jonathan, a songwriter and musician, has just released a new song called ‘Sing This Song‘, which is included in his new album ‘The Dreamer‘.  ‘Sing This Song’ delves deep into his inner circuits, where he is gaining the strength to speak up and reveal this sensitive side. The writing has a really natural flow to it, as if it were someone speaking to you and expressing his personal emotions.

To be so confident in letting someone know our insecurities, it takes a lot of courage. This song exemplifies how things may be so much better if we were to express and share our feelings with others. The songwriting emphasises the power of communication. The song has a really natural and seamless flow to it, which amplifies the listener’s involvement.

We’re thrown in a psychedelic atmosphere by the synth-based production components. The loop goes right into our nerves and amplifies the feelings expressed through words. The production aspects truly bring out the tension and dilemma. The groove contains a lot of interesting changes that keep the pace flowing.

Because the vocal melody is constant, the production added a lot of energy to hold the listener’s attention. The performance also nicely conveys the mood. It’s maintained incredibly natural, and the texture really represents how one could feel while expressing themselves. Overall, I felt the song’s character to be incredibly natural and genuine, which I believe will attract a large number of new listeners to explore the piece.

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