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Lucky Number You - Clown World Rises | Refreshing
Lucky Number You - Clown World Rises | Refreshing

Lucky Number You – Clown World Rises | Refreshing

Lucky Number You, a Birmingham based band of three mega-talented artists has always been about creating music that’s relevant. Not only do their tracks feel like a breath of fresh air, but everything that they portray by the means of their music is dolled up in elements of beauty, youth, and realism. 

On discovering their music through this invigorating track called Clown World Rises, I realised I was in the right place. This track is infused with a lot of goodness. Especially in terms of its aura. The richness in the tunes, fine vocals, impeccable coordination of all the band members, and the ultimate product that is produced as a result of all the intense amalgamation, together make for a delightful reason to give this track a listen. 

A lot of things about this track feel refreshing, especially the little nuances here and there. The slightest of touches that might seem simple and trivial add a unique dimension to the song. You will know exactly what I am talking about when you listen to it.

The track has a groovy feel to it, intense artistic elements that music nerds would love, and a pop vibe that everyone would fall for. 

The lyrics have deep meaning that would be understood better with every listen. The best thing about the track is, that every element is perfectly and brilliantly intertwined with each other. That’s why it feels like a great homogenous mixture of all the goodness that the three artists have to offer and not something that feels over the top. 

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Discovered via musosoup.com

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