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JOZUA – Diamond Eyes | Killer Groove

JOZUA, an English electronic music producer, has just released a new song called “Diamond Eyes”. The feeling is invigorating, and the appealing punchy baseline will undoubtedly attract attention as soon as it begins to play. Another component that captivates our ears with such wonderful warming tones is the vocal melodies. In terms of songwriting, the lyrics brilliantly capture the colours of falling in love with someone and the tension nerves that arise right before sharing the passion to the universe. There’s also a sense of curiosity and contemplation in the ideas, which is emphasised by the vocal delivery. Overall, the song’s vitality makes us want to jump and is brimming with excitement.

The layers of the production’s simplicity and clarity truly bring out the finest emotions in the song. The rhythm is tight and strong, with the perfect baselines adding to the thrill. The musical textures also help to intensify the emotions in a positive way. There’s a point when we really pay attention to how well the vocoder tone is being used, and it’s simply amazing for getting the feel correct. The music transitions between sections so smoothly that we didn’t recognise any gaps in our listening experience. The enticing tones will undoubtedly attract music fans, and everyone who discovers this killer tune will be unable to resist giving their ears, and we will soon find them swaying to it.

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