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Jordan Fleenor | The one | Simple Times
Jordan Fleenor | The one | Simple Times

Jordan Fleenor – The One | Simple Times

In the music industry, most people go into some kind of auto pilot once they make it. They lose the one thing that was driving them, a purpose. Now it becomes more and more shallow as they chase money, likes and streams. Where does this end? What is enough? What changed? Jordan is a really refreshing change because all he cares about is how happy he is making the music that he makes. In his bio he says something really simple yet inspirational, that a lot of artists end up forgetting after fame and glory eat them up.

“My biggest goal is to let my voice be heard, not just for singing, but for letting everyone feel how music affects me and how happy I am making music.”

“Waiting on you” is an amazing single that has really caught my ear. This is a genre I don’t usually dabble in but Jordan has done a really good job on this track. Its really simple with a nice background 808 and primary focus on his vocals. The mix is on point, and Jordan’s voice really stands out. I think the fact that he enjoys himself doing what he’s doing just adds an undeniable charm to the single.

The production and the beats are really top notch even though they are simple. I think the magic lies in the simplicity and relatability that Jordan brings with his music. The song starts off with a really nice piano roll to entrance the listener into the same emotion as him. Then the beat kicks off and the vocals are thrown in. One thing that I notice is that all other elements lose importance once he starts to sing. Then there is a small break before the one minute mark that made me change my mind. Everything on this track, every element is really well placed and is really addicting. Its like the music Chris Brown used to make back in the day!

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