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Gully – See the Sun | Exhilarating

Gully is an independent singer/songwriter who hails from the United Kingdom. He currently resides in Bristol, UK and his style varies between pop and soul music. Gully is backed by a 6-piece band that includes a brass trio, which helps give his brand of music texture despite having simple melodies and rhythms.

He is an independent musician, mixing old sounds with modern new music. The combination of Gully’s smooth vocals and raw organic performances create a unique sound. He used to play in bars and pubs with jazzy sounds and lyrics about famous soul songs while growing up in Portsmouth. He has garnered praise from BBC Introducing in the West, Fresh On The Net and Radio Bristol for comparisons to Tom Misch, Amy Winehouse and Easy Life.

Gully knows how to make a rainy day bearable. ‘See The Sun’ is the perfect remedy for gloominess. From the laid-back groove to the upbeat music, this tune is one funky delight that puts an instant smile on my face. As if I needed another reason to listen, again and again, my favourite part of the tune is the surprise element that Gully throws into his music. The song comes to an abrupt stop when you think it’s about to fade out, and then you find yourself grooving from your seat!

One remarkable talent about Gully is his versatility. This song is totally different from his other works be it ‘Rain,’ ‘Carpe Diem‘ or ‘What’s New?’ One thing that’s always true about Gully is that change is the only constant.  We don’t know what’s around the corner, but we damn well better buckle up!

Enjoy listening to See the sun here.

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