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Daniel Barrie – The One | Feel good

Singer-songwriter Daniel Barrie‘s new song ‘The One‘ will utterly mesmerise our ears with such a delightful sounding tune right from the first Guitar Riff. The writing is really great, and the manner the thoughts are delivered is so simple that it will undoubtedly resonate with a larger audience. The compassion and honest feelings are so well stated that they convey the precise emotions and images. The chorus is absolutely hummable, and it sticks in your head long after you’ve finished listening to the song. The music used to convey the words is also highly appealing, and it will entice listeners to sing along. This would make it more enticing to fresh ears to sing the tune even though they might be preoccupied with something else.

The lyrics is wonderfully supported by the arrangement. The guitars, in particular, give the music a fantastic atmosphere. The pulse is maintained by the drums. The organs are also well performed in the song, adding a colourful depth to it. The main concepts are straightforward, yet they are skillfully integrated into the arrangement, resulting in a pleasurable listening experience. I adored the guitar solo, which brilliantly expresses the song’s intensity and is the moment that truly brings the song to life. When we return to the chorus, the melody and lyrics grow in our ears, which is truly remarkable. I am optimistic that the song will bring the listeners a great deal of pleasure.

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