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Study of Us - Doomscrolling | Energetic 
Study of Us - Doomscrolling | Energetic 

Study of Us – Doomscrolling | Energetic 

Doomscrolling is an upbeat track, a fresh release, by Study of Us. True to their music style, Doomscrolling explores rock and also inclines slightly to the metal textures. All in all, it is a track that oomphs up your day and should definitely be given a listen. Let’s know why. 

Doomscrolling is not your usual upbeat number. There are some vivid details that are so unique and add that much-needed authenticity to it. With some powerful and authentic beats, amazing transitions, and an overall energetic vibe, this song easily becomes a great track to listen to on a dull boring day. 

I could imagine grooving to this number and swaying along to its beat because it has that energy that you just can’t stay still. You might find yourself completely dissolved into its energy. It is stunning how many elements and textures have been fused together to bring forth something that’s upbeat, but not over the top energetic. The energy is well-balanced. With the right proportions of beats, rhythms, and vocals, Study of Us make sure that everything is included, in just the perfect amount. You would marvel at the vocals, cause they are attention-grabbing in more than one way. Not just the vocals, but the lyrics too, are not typical or boring. Everything in this track feels fresh to the ears and to the soul. On listening for the first time, you fall for this track, its pace, and its sheer quality of uplifting you like no other.

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