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Jozie Ramone-Bakura
Jozie Ramone-Bakura
Jozie Ramone-Bakura

Jozie Ramone-Bakura | No introduction

Jozie Ramone has been the devil of his musical devices since his childhood. With proficiency in guitar, production and a deep love for rap, Jozie Ramone has been constantly creative. He released Jozie Tape 2 in 2018 and Lord Jozie the next year. Through the pandemic, he’s created his own mirror dimension where he’s produced several singles for us mortals to enjoy. This is his first single for2022, Bakura.

Bakura is a Japanese creature from lore, or that is what google tells me. Coming to terms with the success he’s had and the place he holds for himself, Jozie Ramone knows his status at the moment. He is ripe for time, and composition wise that is true. Being adept at guitar arrangements, he allows the track to take the natural harmonic flow of the instrument. His voice is however guided by autotune, and he raps over the track he has composed predominantly instrumental in nature.

Pocketed effortlessly in the mainstream sound with high production value, Jozie has created the same with skill alone. His programming has an organic tinge to it, and it can be seen in several aspects of the songs composition. His songs like Leave create a narrative that are powerful to hear yet addictive due to the beats and delivery. Handling all aspects of the track’s element, Jozie Ramone knows where the infliction will land the best and creates it that way.

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