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Ioanna – Did to Me | Stirring

Ioanna is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter and actress whose talent is phenomenal. The artist is a Greek and Lebanese descendant, and the eldest sibling. She writes for herself and for other musicians as well. This is truly remarkable considering how many careers she juggles at once!

Her artistic skills have been influenced by her multicultural background making her work much more interesting.  In addition, Ioanna’s sound synthesis is also influenced by a diverse spectrum of artists, ethnicities, and languages among her colleagues and peers. Starting in 2017, she has been expanding her presence in the pop music world.

A synth-wave, 80’s-inspired track, “Did To Me” delves deeply into a relationship that doesn’t end well. The lyrical genius of Ioanna accurately and powerfully portrays the feeling of vulnerability. Furthermore, the brave honesty conveyed by the singer/songwriter is an inspiring lesson for all those who have ever fallen in love and believed everything would be perfect for eternity. In reality, this upbeat song delves into her own past.

Sharing your own suffering with the world requires courage. Kudos to her! Amid dark spectacular synths and aggressive electronic music rhythm sequences, she gives listeners a quick glimpse into the impact of broken trust and inner battle. I believe the vocal passion in “Did To Me” is truly something every listener can relate to. Regardless of whether you have experienced heartbreak or not.

Ioanna is inspired by a variety of artists. However, Dua Lipa was a major influence on this latest hit. Fans will constantly be anticipating upcoming Ioanna tracks, be it an album or singles.

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