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Coastal Town – Still Shining | Dynamic

Coastal Town is a Vancouver-based multi-generational indie-pop band. The band members hail from diverse families, with the majority of their members being high schoolers in their teenage years. They additionally have a variety of local music sector mentors, who have helped them with songwriting and growth. Kris Schulz, Kelly Brown, and Jacob Sayer, to name a few, are among their mentors.

Since the group members are currently figuring out who they are as personalities, their content is eclectic, and there are sky is the limit when it comes to what they can talk about in their songs. Coastal Town happily lets their tunes take the lead during the songwriting phase. Additionally, the artistic freedom granted to all of the members and their capabilities results in a unique and fresh outcome that reflects their love for music.

From the first moment, Still Shining ” pulls you into a moment in time and strips you of your senses until you’ve ridden with fury and a sense of wonder. It’s powerful and chaotic. But at the very same time, the composition is layered with various instruments such as guitars, synthesizers, and beats. The creates a vibe that feels oh-so-fresh! The song says, “Still grinning from the beginning.” And you won’t be able to help but grin when you listen to the opening rhythm and then hear those young voices. This song will get your head bobbing as you listen to the classic chords and perfectly timed beats. These young folks have got serious talent up their sleeves.

Enjoy listening to Still Shining here.

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