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Blume – Something Real | Sense of Tenderness

Blume, an EDM musician and songwriter, has just released a new song called ‘Something Real‘.  The song perfectly captures the process of a relationship blossoming and strengthening. The writing is filled with so much honesty and candour that it truly shines through. Many incidents are included in the writing, which create vivid images in our minds. Many of us will empathise with the ideas expressed. The songwriting also has a narrative element to it, which is one of the highlights that keeps us interested throughout. The vocal delivery also has a touch of innocence and tenderness about it. The tone is genuine enough that the emotion is immediately felt. The sound environment is a lovely mix of expectation, care, and excitement, and it truly does deliver the delights.

Aydren, a songwriter and producer, lends his Pop Colour to the track. The tones are quite appealing to the ear, leading the listener to glide through the whole song. The extra bright tones in the groove really assist to establish a vibrant and upbeat mood. The guitars contribute to the production’s energy. Furthermore, the choir arrangements give the production just the appropriate amount of warmth. Despite the fact that the production has numerous layers, we all hear silences, which really add to the piece’s dynamics. Overall, I think the song is well-structured, moving through the sections easily and without any interruptions. The production’s vitality and soundscape would be the key to attracting listeners to listen to the song.

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