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Adri-Anne Ralph - Give Up So Easy - 2022 | Melancholy R&B
Adri-Anne Ralph - Give Up So Easy - 2022 | Melancholy R&B

Adri-Anne Ralph – Give Up So Easy – 2022 | Melancholy R&B

Adri-Anne Ralph, an L.A. based singer and songwriter has released her fresh single; Give Up So Easy – 2022, which is a treat for R&B lovers. 

With music that’s intense, Give Up So Easy is a track that easily manages to stir you. Those who love rich textures in tracks would absolutely devour the complexities in this song. One gets mesmerized by the stunning tunes, palpable energy in the soft matted beats, powerfully coordinated rhythms, and the overall soulful vibe of this track. 

When it comes to vocals, this song feels a treat to the ears. The music is gorgeous but the oh-so-stunning vocals of the very versatile Adri-Anne Ralph are the highlight! The way she sings is worth praising. The nuances in her singing and the gorgeous stretches, which often feel are improvised, appear effortless. Her classic and traditional styles add so much more worth to this track and make it authentic. The classic R&B textures make it a song worth listening to on a long car journey. One would love to sing along, despite the fact that it’s hard to go at par with Ralph’s singing flairs. 

The track stirs nostalgia too, in the perfect amount. It makes you soft, thanks to the lyrics. The lyrics are melancholic but are strangely empowering. The fine concoction of the sombre lyrics and outstanding vocals, give this track a unique vigour, that in turn manages to stir some hope in you. 

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