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Malin Wattring - I Want the Truth | Bona Fides
Malin Wattring - I Want the Truth | Bona Fides

Malin Wattring – I Want the Truth | Bona Fides 

Malin Wattring, in her recent track, has collaborated with multiple artists to bring forth something that feels exemplary. With a fine blend of tunes, this track leaves an imprint on your heart. Let’s know why this track deserves a listen. 

In collaboration with Olimpia Dynarek, Johanna Ekholm, Hannah Shermis, Maria Dahlin,Karin Verbaan, and Hannah Tolf, Malin Watrring is presenting to you a fine rendition of emotions.

I Want the Truth starts off with a soulful tune. It goes on to extend itself into a fine symphony that soothes you like no other. When the vocals kick in, you realise that they have the same calming effect. The whole track is a slow-paced hymn that leaves you wanting more. Wattring’s mellifluous vocals do a great job of giving this track a transcendental effect. Moreover, one should pay attention to the nuances. There are numerous touches, flavours, and textures in this track that make this track a great one. There are, also, layers in the tunes. Thanks to the efforts of all the featured artists, each one deserves huge credit for making this song what it is. Especially when you progress towards the ending, you find yourself mesmerized by the rich undertones that unfold like magic. You would love this track for its ability to attract you. The soulful textures, mellifluous voice, outstanding tunes, impactful lyrics, fill up your soul. 

If you are a big-time laidback music lover, or even someone who likes jazz and R&B, this one’s a great track to listen to. 

Let’s know what Malin Wattring has to say about the track! 

  1. What made you bring together all the stunning musicians to create
    something as mellifluous as I Want the Truth?

    I had been dreaming about putting together a band where I got to play guitar and sing for a long time.
    I normally play saxophone and work within the modern jazz scene, which I love, but there’s another side of me that I’ve been longing to express musically. As a teenager I listened to bands such as Pearl Jam, PJ Harvey, Queens of the stone age, Mark Lanegan, José Gonzales and Ane Brun. I wanted to live my rock band dream and mix it up with more intimate singer-songwriter elements. I called a few of my favorite musicians that I thought would enjoy playing this kind of music. Luckily they said yes, and that’s how this awesome band started!
  2. What is every artist’s contribution to this track? The idea of
    bringing 6 brilliant artists together for this song seems amazing.

    Every artist brings so much to the track! If we would have changed one musician, it would have
    sounded very different! Maria Dahlin and Johanna Ekholm contribute with a strong groove with a lot of hang which I love! Hannah Tolf, Karin Verbaan & Hannah Shermis contribute with their amazing backing vocals. They have been singing together very much, which I think you can hear, the sound so unison and strong. They created the foundation of the vocals which allowed me to just let go and fly.
    Olimpia Dynarek contributes with an airy and fluid feel with her beautiful piano playing, which does the song good! I also have to mention Oskar Karlsson, the sound engineer and co-producer of this track.
    He contributed with the great mix and grungy sound!
  3. What inspired you to create I Want the Truth?
    I wrote the lyrics 10 years ago. I was in a relationship that I felt lacked openness and honesty, so I wrote about what I was longing for. Today the words mean something else to me. I feel like I’m singing to my inner child, telling her that she is OK as she is, and that I’m asking her to dare to be vulnerable and present in my life.
  4. Is there anything you’d want every listener to take from this song?
    What’s that one thing that you want the listeners to pay special
    attention to?

    I would like the listeners to take the song as a reminder of how beautiful and amazing they are, with all their sides, good and bad. That honesty and vulnerability is beautiful and that it is the authentic way forward even if it hurts sometimes.
    Musically, I would recommend the listeners to pay attention to the structure of the song, its constant crescendo, how it grows and grows from a rather intimate feeling to a very large and bombastic one. I would also recommend them to count how long it takes for my vocals to come in! The intro is soooo long, I did not really think about it until we started working with the music video. Then I realized. I think it’s an unconscious musical choice I made because of my jazz background. I feel that music can take more time in that genre than in pop and rock music. Anyway, I think its nice, I hope you will to!
  1. What was the experience of collaborating with all the fantastic musicians?
    Fantastic! It was such a joyous process to rehearse and record. I felt so safe all the time which
    allowed me to let go and give everything to the music. It was so beautiful to experience all these amazing artists giving their best to the song, which made it so much greater than it was at first! I am so happy with the result!
  2. What is next for Malin?
    We are releasing a music video to I Want the Truth video on March 11th! I’ve created the video together with the renowned italian film maker Camilla Topuntli and I’m sooo happy about it! On March 25th we release the album Songs of Wounds and Healing, which I Want the Truth is a part of! You can pre-order it on bandcamp: https://malinwattring.bandcamp.com/ .

Listen to I Want The Truth here:

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