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VHCLE - Love Games
VHCLE - Love Games

VHCLE – Love Games | avant-garde

Florida based collective VHCLE just released their newest single, Love Games and they are taking their sound to the next level. The group pulls together three diverse viewpoints to generate experimental art/music that represents all of them, with Kyle Piety as composer, vocalist, lyricist, and producer, Chelsea Mikel as singer, songwriter, and lyricist, and third member Blind Bear as singer, songwriter, and lyricist. Pronounced as “Vehicle”, the collective becomes an actual medium for soundscapes that combine a sort of psychedelic, trap, hip-pop vibe.

Love Games begins with quick 808s and vocals that work on three different levels. There are seductive, sultry vocals, with low whispered ones that complement and juxtapose one another starkly. The third set of vocals comes with the rap that is further intersected with seductive vocals from earlier. The song has noir vibes with very intersectional trap beats which are rooted in a predominantly rock sound. There are resounding vocal conversational sounds that really push the goth/noir vibe of the track. While I can’t really put VHCLE in one box, I can say that they bring you a new perspective to their music each time you listen to them. The psychedelic and progressive vibe of the music eases you in and out of what seems like a futuristic trip.

VHCLE is very avant-garde in its approach to music and it definitely treads the experimental path very well. We look forward to hearing more from the collective.

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