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Nick Kandler – STAY | Apprehensive Nerves

Nick Kandler, a songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, just released his latest smashing single, ‘STAY‘.  The song is a blast to listen to, full of energy and enthusiasm. Everything is top quality, from the lyrics to the production and use of effects in the mix. Every inch of the record has been meticulously detailed to ensure that it stays in our ears for a long time. The chorus, the groove, and the overall flow of the song are all so well-balanced that it gives the impression of wholeness. The writing arouses our inner desire and allows us to break the ideal chords in order to convey the emotion of love boldly above all of our nervous behaviours and unsettled jitters.

The guitars provide harmonic support to the arrangement, making it seem complete. The kick and hi hats tones pack a lot of power and excitement into the spectrums. Furthermore, the vocal harmonies and chops are really well placed in the mix, resulting in the intended sonic impact. All of these details add considerably to the song’s desired feeling. These layers, as well as the intention to perfection in the sounds, lend clarity to the way we perceive the music, resulting in a mood for us to groove to. Because these processes are followed correctly, we are entirely immersed in the world of good songwriting and production. I am confident that the listeners would respond positively to these enticing waves.

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