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Charlotte Hall - Telepathy
Charlotte Hall - Telepathy

Charlotte Hall – Telepathy | progressive

UK based artist Charlotte Hall just released her newest single, Telepathy and we are definitely vibing to it. The song is not what you expect it to be and really pushes its own boundaries throughout its duration. Telepathy is an indie, progressive track that keeps on building. The track has interesting synth drives that interact with cleverly done electro-pop elements. Hall has a diverse musical background that includes classical training as well as songwriting. She performs a wide range of music, including rock and folk. Blondie, Paramore, Fleetwood Mac, and Yungblud have all influenced her creative music.

These instrumentals really build with the vocals which move from the foreground to the background. Telepathy is also a great display of interaction between classically rock elements and more modern, progressive elements/layering. The guitar riffs really shine through when the first chorus hits. The combination of the drums and the harmonies creates a very distinct soundscape. The song transpires different moods and reminds me of bands like Evanescence, Eluviete, and Paramore. We definitely see a lot of her influences seeping in through her music. Charlotte Hall explores a very 80s pop-rock sound that has a sort of progressive depth to it. The steadily building progression is one of my favourite things about this song.

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