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TYDY-Scallion Pancake Adventure
TYDY-Scallion Pancake Adventure
TYDY-Scallion Pancake Adventure

TYDY-Scallion Pancake Adventure | Spontaneous Trip

Either you’ve heard their In Space EP or you haven’t. You choose to put ketchup over everything you eat? Socks and sandals are your favorite combination. On your hands? There are many incomprehensible thoughts out there. Some put in this order, like I did. TYDY is a fever dream off an LSD trip while chewing mushrooms. The result is going to be fantastic but give it time. A Scallion Pancake Adventure awaits you.

This track is more than just a song, so experience it as a narrative. You might have to activate it a little for thinking. That’s thanks to all the content that’s been crammed in the cranium since the public latrine that is the internet exploded. This tasty side dish allows you to listen, experience and explore. From voiceovers to a little meta comedy, it has things you never asked for in your song. That’s what makes it unexpectedly fun.

The psychedelic rock track changes genres within byte sized timestamps. It’s almost regionally categorized, and creates this medley of sorts for users to experience. It switches to a rock vibe soon, with Rush moments compiled with the synths. There are fragments of Pink Floyd’s excellence , jam sections inspired by great instrumental acts. They understand that they have progressed beyond the tale that the song can tell and to longer, Beavis & Butthead like moments. More nuanced, sure.

As an epic-length track, they try to move into untraversed waters as a group. TYDY have a great catalogue for you to hear on their Spotify page. I am confident they have way more experimental stuff in their arsenal, and we are prepared to hear it as newly minted fans.

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Discovered via http://musosoup.com

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