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Sydney Gordon - Say What You Mean | Fervid
Sydney Gordon - Say What You Mean | Fervid

Sydney Gordon – Say What You Mean | Fervid

Sydney Gordon, a New York-based singer and songwriter has released a fresh number, Say What You Mean, which is gaining quite some attention after her debut single, Chains. 

Say What You Mean is a powerful track that has undertones like that in a Bebe Rexha or a Demi Lovato track. Yet it feels quite authentic. Energetic and glamorous vocals give this track a unique flavour. It can be a track you dance to, or even a track you play when you need some self-assurance. The lyrics are invigorating, casual, yet empowering. With Sydney Gordon’s gorgeous vocals that sound impeccable, this track becomes a great one to listen to. 

The lyrics, vocals, and even the tunes that start off with a hint of passion go on to become an extremely fervid affair. Slight nuances that Sydney Gordon introduces here and there, and the song’s vivid textures make it worth exploring. Speaking of nuances, one would find rich pop elements in this track that easily make this song mainstream worthy. 

Sydney Gordon has been an ardent lover of music since she was a kid and one can notice all her efforts fructifying in the form of her first two singles. Her ingenuity as an artist is reflected through Say What You Mean; a track that is a fine blend of pop and rock genres. 

Say What You Mean, overall, is a great track to listen to, if you are into pop numbers. 

Listen to this amazing track by Sydney Gordon right here:

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