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Savanna Blu – Something To Cry About | Soul Signals

In her new track ‘Something To Cry About’, Savanna Blu truly opens up and shreds her inner soul with such intensity and clarity. With so much powerful writing, the singer-songwriter truly gets to the heart of the matter. As soon as the song begins, the compassion with which the tale is framed piques our curiosity. The complexities and unanswerable questions that bring us to such uncertain ideas are conveyed with such bravery and honesty that it cuts through the quality storytelling. Furthermore, the vocal melody keeps the song’s tone pleasant and ear appealing, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the song’s universe. The music has the ability to keep us engrossed throughout.

The song features a wall sweet pad that plays throughout the song, adding to the song’s ear-pleasing tone. The arrangement is based mostly on guitar strums and chugs, which are also played to complement the piece gracefully. The drum bass keeps the beat rolling, and as the song progresses, the electric guitar counterpart amps up the intensity. The entire arrangement is kept basic, with the words and vocals taking precedence. Additional voice arrangements are also included, which contribute to the song’s tone. The song has all of the features that the majority of listeners will enjoy. The tone is upbeat, and the arrangement is well-thought-out, allowing listeners to connect with the vocal melodies and finally focus on the lyrics. 

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