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Moon and Aries - The Arrival | Synth Opera
Moon and Aries - The Arrival | Synth Opera

Moon and Aries – The Arrival | Synth Opera

Moon and Aries, a synth/pop duo, are all about mixing old and new styles of music to create something that is classy, elegant, yet contemporary. With their enlivening single, The Arrival, one can feel the palpable brilliance in their art, just by the first listen itself.

The Arrival starts off with an eerie tune, which almost sets the whole vibe of the song as mysterious. But then when it unravels itself, you find yourself loving everything about it. It is a song that unfolds slowly, at its own pace. And one could easily tell its nature, but cannot predict what will come next. The Arrival is a song that is charged with soulful vocals. With excellent production, this track has imbibed some rich textures that synth lovers would absolutely devour. One can easily understand by listening to this track carefully, that there are many layers to this track that are added very carefully, consciously, with a lot of ingenuity. Only those who truly understand music would be able to perceive the slightest of nuances that this song has. 

The Arrival has a transportive melody, an almost clandestine vibe that has a transcendental effect on you. As the song reaches its end, slowly, steadily, you would find yourself loving its laid back pace. It is anything but simple. Rich textures, mellifluous voice, and excellent production make this track a great one to listen to. 

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