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Anthony Rubery – Pressure | Feel Good

Anthony Rubery is a 22-year-old London-based singer-songwriter and producer. He is shaking the underground industry with his fresh new style. His work includes a vocal reminiscent of Ed Sheeran with Hip-Hop production. Anthony is influenced by a variety of genres, including Rock, Hip-Hop, Folk, and others. Spotify and BBC Introducing have both promoted him.

Rocking 2017 single called “Intoxicated,” Anthony Rubery celebrates two achievements. Topping the Cambridge 105 Unsigned Chart (15 weeks in the number one spot). In addition to that, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the chart.

Anthony Rubery recently released a new song ‘Pressure.’ It is a pleasant treat to our ears because of the tune’s elegance, lightness. This tune features a beautiful instrumental portion that leads us straight to our hearts. The music’s heavy bass fills every second of the song wonderfully, which is the first thing we notice when we listen to it.

The song will get you to put your thoughts aside for a moment and focus on unwinding and feeling content again, but it is not without depth. Though the lyrics are simple to understand and there is some repetition, the words are never tiresome. Because they convey a message of hope and solace.

As you close your eyes and let the music dominate, the heartfelt rhythm will gradually embed itself in your mind as a good message. This message, over time, will pop to mind naturally during moments of stress.

Listen to Pressure here.

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