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The Miller Test – Southend Vic | Strangely Appealing

The Miller Test have been performing together for nearly a decade, spending the majority of their time in a cramped East London rehearsal room. Along with occasional appearances as the house band at Biddles Bros on the Lower Clapton Road.

Mink is the vocalist and also handles guitar and keys, Emma assists with vocals, and Matt plays guitar and keys. Sam is the bassist and guitarist, while Gav, who is also the percussionist, plays the drums.

Other Side Reviews called their debut album, This Funk Is Political, “a serious aural experience that will stay with you.” FV Music called it “a must-hear release,” and it’s accessible to stream on all popular sites.

The Miller Test, among the most promising bands in the alternative global scene, is set to release their third album. The band’s sophistication is evident in the new songs they’re producing after more than a decade of hard labour. 

You may get a glimpse of what’s in store from their most recent single/video, “Southend Vic.” The song features a cinematic viewpoint that highlights the visual and music combination much more.

Southend Vic,” the band’s most recent release, is a deviation from the norm. But it’s also a divergence from their regular sound. The band’s sombre alternative rock is still intact, but it’s been blended with trip-hop elements. The mesmerising ambience and ethereal voices conjure up thoughts of sweet psychedelia from the 1960s, with an introspective mood.

The reminiscing lyrical is far more passionately personal than The Miller Test fans have come to anticipate. Emma/Suki sings the beautiful lovely lead voice and has a major role. 

Enjoy Listening to Southend Vic here.

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